Isaiah 59:1

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Aug 182013

The Eternal One’s reach is not so short that He cannot save you. His ear is not so deaf that He cannot hear you. Isaiah 59:1 (VOICE)

This is really some good news. It seems to go against a lot of people’s intuition. Have you ever invited someone to church only to have them say, “no, the walls would probably fall in if I went to church.” They think either God can’t or wouldn’t save them. But He both wants to and can save us. He will and wants to listen to us. He mostly just wants us to return to Him with all of our hearts. Make sure you talk to Him today. He wants to hear from you.

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  1. I love your Daily Scripture I’ve been out of church for awhile. back surgery and lots of misery .Jim Bush & John Porter came & had Prayer with me . I still need Prayers. I have arthritis waiting for Dr Hawkins to give me the ok for my Humeria shots.
    God Bless our Church .Thank you all for all the prayers Mary Jane Stephens

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