May 282014

Just look at the contrast! The Eternal is the True God: He is the living God and eternal King, not some lifeless idol. The whole earth trembles when He is angry; nations crumble beneath His wrath. Jeremiah 10:10 (VOICE)

There are a lot of gods in our world. In fact, we can make just about anything an idol. But there is only One who is truly God. Our pitiful substitutes are lifeless and impotent. Our Father is Life and omnipotent. Look at the contrast! He is the True God, all the rest are false gods, made by our own hands and imaginations. The True God is higher than our thoughts and imaginations. He is great and powerful, but also loving and merciful. Let’s cling to Him and throw away all our worthless idols.

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  1. We need these reminders so often in our days. Thank you. Sandy

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